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Latest releases

Ayfel formed in 2018 by Ryan (vocals), Eddie (synths/guitars) and Elias (drums) in Athens, Greece, with the goal of discovering new approaches to mainstream modern rock. The band’s style is strongly influenced by the 90’s and early 00’s alternative rock/metal scene (Linkin Park, Muse) but they are also experimenting by blending and incorporating elements from a broader spectrum of genres (Twenty One Pilots, Faith No More). Each Ayfel song is a unique story, expressed through heavy riffs and grooves, catchy hooks, evolving harmony, alternative hip hop vibes and modern sounding synths. Accompanied by esoteric lyrics, it all comes together to form the Ayfel universe. Having streamlined their songwriting and production procedure with the release of their EP “Checkpoint” (2019) and three singles “Dream” (2020), “NEVERLAND” (2020) and “Don’t Dream” (2021), Ayfel plan to release new music until the end of time.


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